Current Campaigns

Time to stop bankers betting on hunger

World Development Movement is leading a high-profile campaign to push the UK government to change its position on food speculation. European finance ministers will decide new rules in November, but the UK is opposing stronger regulation. Global food prices are soaring, pushing many more of the world’s poorest people into hunger. Financial speculators are rushing to cash-in on rising prices. Experts predict that betting on the cost of food will push prices through the roof, as it did in 2008 and 2011. Please help us show George Osborne that the UK public wants him to vote for strong limits on food speculation.

Demand proper GM safety testing now

GM Freeze is a UK campaign group working to keep GM food and animal feed out of the food supply. Following research showing the shocking effects of feeding GM corn to rats, they are pushing for more and better testing of GM food to be carried out. They run a number of campaigns aimed at various sectors of the food indusrty. GM Freeze say:

“We can hold politicians to account. We can shop smart and press food companies to give us what we want. And we can win. There is very little labelled GM food in UK shops today because consumers reacted so strongly against it that food companies, particularly supermarkets, reaslised they had to avoid it to keep their customers.

These actions will help keep GM foods out of our shops and get GM out of our animal feed.” Join the campaign.

Petition to keep GM corn out of Walmart

Monsanto’s latest GM corn could be in Walmart stores across the United States this month. Join people around the world in telling the director of Walmart that we know the dangers of eating GM and don’t want to see these foods in shops.

“As concerned citizens from around the world, we call on you to prevent Monsanto’s Bt toxin corn from entering our global food supply chain by keeping it out of your stores…”  Sign the petition

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