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Seeds of Freedom couldn’t be more timely – or urgent. In a few days time, from January 21 to 28, one of the biggest issues affecting the livelihoods of African farmers and the health of millions will be debated at the next AU (African Union) Summit in Ethiopia: should there be a ban on the cultivation, import and export of genetically modified (GM) crops?

Over 400 African civil society organisations think so. They’ve signed a statement by the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) criticising the failure of biotech firms to deliver any of the promised benefits of GM crops since they were introduced over sixteen years ago. Read the full article. 


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Resurgence & Ecologist – The Story of Seed, A Review.

Josie Jeffery hails a film that is really a call to action for us all. Seeds of Freedom, DVD, 2012. Produced by The Gaia Foundation & The African Biodiversity Network.

The story of the seed is by no means a fairytale but is a tale with both goodies and baddies. The unsung heroes (the farmers) cannot save the day without going through some hardship and overcoming the obstacles that prevent them from reclaiming their stolen treasure – the free seed.

A new film, Seeds of Freedom, shows us that the story of the seed hasn’t finished yet and that it is up to us to decide its ending; we can do this by making decisions to be responsible and, more importantly, to be aware of how the choices we make affect both the seed and the world’s food system. Read the full article

The Guardian – Seed diversity: a global route to food security? – in pictures

Many farmers’ livelihoods depend on the ability to save seed varieties. ‘Farmers breed for resilience,’ says Dr Vandana Shiva, who is leading a campaign supported by the Gaia Foundation to protect seed diversity and promote food security. ‘They don’t breed one crop. They know they must have many crops because the climate changes … and because nutritional needs are diverse’

See the photostory here.

The Community Channel: The Illusion of Choice

You may have recently seen an image called The Illusion of Choice. It did the rounds on Facebook because it’s a real eye-opener. It shows how thousands of products and brands we’re so familiar with stem from just a handful of major corporations. Coca Cola, Kraft, Nestle, P&G, Unilever, Kelloggs, Mars, Pepsico and Johnson & Johnson between them churn out almost every brand you can think of – from chocolate to shampoo, toothpaste to cereal.  Read more…

Positive News: Review of Seeds of Freedom

Seeds of Freedom charts humanity’s relationship with seed, from the humble beginnings of agriculture to present day industrial-scale food production and the resulting decline of biodiversity, community traditions and farmers’ rights. The documentary looks at how seed has changed from a resource for farmers to save and nurture, to a commodity that can be owned, modified and profited from by multinational companies.  Read more…

Pambazuka News: New film ‘Seeds of Freedom’ raises global voices against GM

A new short film launched online on Tuesday 12th June charts the story of seed from its roots at the heart of traditional, diversity rich farming systems across the world, to being transformed into a powerful commodity, used to monopolise the global food system. Read more…

The Kindle Project: Indigenous Knowledge and Seed

The opening words of the Seeds of Freedom trailer grabbed us. As we’ve been studying seed issues for the past several weeks, the sheer amount and at times disturbing nature of information has been overwhelming. It begs us to question: How can we possibly make sense of this tremendous shift in agriculture? How do we resolve the conflict this shift has created and where do seeds fit in? Read more…

Permaculture magazine: Seeds of Freedom – what will our future be?

Global agriculture has changed more in our lifetime than in the previous 10,000. Nowhere is this conflict more poignant than in the story of seed. This is a film that all peoples of the world need to see. Here is the trailer for the film Seeds of Freedom, to be launched soon. The film explores the history of the corporate takeover of seed, and the impact that this is having on communities across the world. Read more…

Permaculture research institute of Australia: Seeds of Freedom 2012

To see things in the seed, that is genius. – Lao Tzu I guess Lao Tzu did not factor that there would be two types of geniuses born. Those, like a handful of greedy corporations, who use seeds to control, govern and enslave, and those — like traditional farmers and permaculturists — who nurture the future of humanity through them. Read more…